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Phil's Video Blog 122

My latest video blog is
up online at
Ready for the off, coach
and plane to catch as off to Gran Canaria. Anxiety issues to deal
with, but hope I will be fine
#anxiety, #depression, #mentalhealth, #disability, #Swansea,
#Abertawe, #Gatwick, #Surrey, #London, #vlogger

Holiday, Motability and Radio

Well tomorrow I start my long trip to Gran Canaria for a week, will be staying with a friend outr there. 5 hours on a coach, 2 hours in Gatwick and 4 hours 20 on a plane... just hope I don'rt pick up the #CoronaVirus I'm not worried about it, there's been mass #hysteria going about, panic buying #toiletpapertoilet paper, #handsanitiser, hand soap and #facemasks. There is no need to #panicpanic buy, so please PLEASE stop! 

I've ordered a motability car today. I have decided on the Peugeot Rifter because of drive height, getting in and out of, and the boot access, #economy and #environmental issues. This car will mean I can get around better, and not feel as #agitated and achy when I get to where I am going. 

I am now more serious in looking for some freelance radio or voiceover work. If you have anything going from an advert to a show that needs cover - please get in touch. Demos at 

My health is not best shape, I feel I should be open and honest about…

Phil's Video Blog 121

Video blog number 121,

Off on my holiday to Gran Canaria tomorrow, going on #NationalExpress coach to Gatwick, then on #Norwegian to Gran Canaria, then a #SixtEspania hire car while there.

Will be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook

Instagram - ENGLAND_PHIL

Phil & Scorch

Phil & Scorch

Phil enters the world of puppets with Scorch...

it's Scorch's first time on YouTube, he only hatched out of the square Amazonian brown cardboard egg today

#puppet #muppet

Phil's Video Blog 120

Video blog number 120

Very achy this morning, had to use my walking stick to stand in the kitchen, making getting a coffee sorted out a task and a half! My car has its MOT today... fingers crossed

#coffee #walkingstick #MOT #Citroen