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Car Battery Problem

Went out to start the car the other day and discovered the battery was flat. Had the break down out, the jump started  the car with no problem (so that ruled out the starter motor and solenoid). I put a multi meter on it and it was putting close to 14.7v in (so not alternator)

I sat with car running to put charge in the  battery. I disconnected the negative lead, checked what the battery was holding 12.85v. The breakdown person said to perform a parasitic draw test, so I did that and found no problem.
Was told to leave negative lead disconnected, the battery should hold its charge with that lead disconnected. Went out the following morning and it had lost charge again, it had dropped down to 12.08v. Just managed to start the car, went for a longish drive. I then disconnected the positive as well, just in case. This morning it was at 12.42v
Took the battery to Euro Car Parts for them to put it on a drop test. Had replacement battery.
This is a useful guide:
12.65V - 100% good 12.45V -…

This past week

Been a nasty week all in all. Damp and cold really affects things. Feeling like a prisoner in my own home.

Feel like I'm turning a corner, must see the doctor next week, and think about my cars MOT.

Week before last a friend came over and filled in the PIP review form for me, wonder what the DWP will decide.

Things have got worse. Waiting for an injection to start that will stop things from getting worse, but been with this damn cold for over a month now, and my left lung has more scarring in it, so not looking good for starting the bi-weekly injections right now.

Feel like i'm not really living at the moment, just feel like i'm existing.

I'm feeling fed up, so much in the world I want to do, but can't do it, this is no life really is it?

Thank goodness for friends popping by, my father and online shopping.