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Thursday 26th April

So a blog update. First of all I want to thank a good friend of mine, Ami, she is helping me get a few things sorted out in my life. My benefits and also getting the correct diagnosis for a health issue.

I have got my ESA appeal tomorrow. I've decided to kick my tenancy support worker in to touch as my original ESA50 form he filled in was not up to standard and was missing a lot of information. Ami has re-filled in the form with more information, which we have gained from my GP.

She has made my GP look at my health issues, and is pushing for a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

My bad back problem is Kyphoscoliosis and also Scoliosis (details below), with this and a on going breathing issue and chest pain, I'm not in good shape.

Kyphoscoliosisis a deformity of the spine characterized by abnormal curvature of the vertebral column in two planes (coronal and sagittal). It is a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis. It is seen in many disorders such as Syringomyelia and can cause many conditi…

Not a bad day (Monday 9th April 2018)

Not a bad day today, Gemma dropped me a text and we ventured down Mumbles, its changed since I was last there with a few new shops!, plus a new CO-OP store.
We went to Verdis for an ice cream and then looked for bits on the beach, and I got creative and done a bit of art work

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Gemma, love you loads!