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DWP & The so called System

It's fucked up, that's what it is!

Went for a medical for my ESA just over a month ago, the dreaded brown envelope of doom came last week...  its amazing what one brown envelope can do to your day - DWP, how on earth can I go from 18 points at the last appeal down to 6, when nothing has changed only got worse? - go figure

I posted the above on Facebook, everyone was supportive until one woman (who is no longer a friend) put....

Barbie Sue Why do you need esa? You dont look ill .why are you unable to work? You are aware PIP/ DLA/ ESA look at your pics n activity on fb ?

the conversation went on....

Vikki  What a loaded question and why are you demanding someone disclose a health or other condition to you in public! There are plenty of people living with all kinds of conditions and illnesses who 'don't look ill' and many people make great effort to hide what they live with. Not surprising really if they are faced with comments such as yours.
Paul  Barbie Sue  - That's …