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Bed Days

Its been one of those days today, get up and go just didn't show up. Been in bed all day, back has been really bad, head headache all day. Got up a few times to get cuppa and toilet visits.

I've been keeping a diary since the start of the year, and reading it don't make for good reading, way to many bed days, and days when I feel down, and days when I am aching.
Over the past few months the total number of bed days ends up at 17, not counting March

DWP & The so called System

It's fucked up, that's what it is!

Went for a medical for my ESA just over a month ago, the dreaded brown envelope of doom came last week...  its amazing what one brown envelope can do to your day - DWP, how on earth can I go from 18 points at the last appeal down to 6, when nothing has changed only got worse? - go figure

I posted the above on Facebook, everyone was supportive until one woman (who is no longer a friend) put....

Barbie Sue Why do you need esa? You dont look ill .why are you unable to work? You are aware PIP/ DLA/ ESA look at your pics n activity on fb ?

the conversation went on....

Vikki  What a loaded question and why are you demanding someone disclose a health or other condition to you in public! There are plenty of people living with all kinds of conditions and illnesses who 'don't look ill' and many people make great effort to hide what they live with. Not surprising really if they are faced with comments such as yours.
Paul  Barbie Sue  - That's …

Back Problem

Well, when I woke up today my back felt a little better, not perfect, but better. Me being me, I decided to do a little light cleaning around the flat, then decided I would give my curtains a wash.

I'm stupid, had a feeling that taking down my living room curtains would lead to a painful reminder.... my word it hurt big time, shoulder went click, neck went crack and my back went 'take that you idiot'

I then realised I couldn't turn my head that far.  I phoned up NHS Direct who said put something warm around my neck and take some pain killers.

The other day I did go for an X-Ray of my back, but not the bit up by the neck which is killing me as I type this.

I feel physically sick at this moment in time.

Done a search online and found the following...

If you suffer from back pain or low back pain you already know how debilitating and painful this condition can be. In some cases, back pain can be so excruciating that it makes you feel sick and causes nausea or vomiting.

Some of t…

Roundabout Returns to Swansea's Kingsway

ffs, why is the council doing this? that junction by Potters Wheel is busy, the lights were ok there, why spend money on changing something that wasn't broken? there are roads about that need repairs done before messing with new or revived road layouts... 

City & County of Swansea, please get your planners to decide and stick with their plans, not chop and change as they see fit. Any change to road layouts confuse drivers and slow down traffic flow, what about pedestrians? it wont be easy to cross there now, with the lights they could. 

Oh yes, was told earlier about a new raised island type bit that has appeared at the other end of the Kingsway, near the Dragon Hotel, a friend of mine almost drove over it,,,, what on earth is the council playing at? 

I'm thinking of avoiding driving through the middle of Swansea and will use it as a roundabout just until they have finished the cha…

Gloucester Trip 2017

A few days ago, I decided I needed a day out, so went to Cardiff to pick up Bill, my friend who now has his own flat (I'm sure he will get used to living alone, I know I am)

Anyway, we took a trip up to Gloucester, a really nice city, and I parked the car in a car park that was nice and cheap, £2 for 4 hours, not bad at all as paring goes.

Took some photos there and on the way back, which you can see online on my Facebook

Gloucester Photos

On the way back we went via Lydney, which has a harbour, it sits on a bank of the River Severn

Lydney Harbour Photos

We also stopped in Tintern, which is famous for its Abbey 

Tintern Photos

One photo I took in Gloucester was of part of an old building, church or something, and through a door way you can see some street art on a wall, on it is a quote

'The people believe what the media tells them they believe' quote from George Orwell

2017 Catch-up

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog on here, so its catch-up time.

Well after a great half a year with a great guy, going to festivals and enjoying each others company, things went down hill. We split up over something daft, and those of you that know me well, will know I am not that good when it comes to break-ups (friends or other) and tend to fall apart.

Well that's what happened, and for the last few months have been on antidepressants, which have been messing up my sleep pattern, and my get up and go most days has almost gone.

Health wise, apart from going down in to depression, I am now on an inhaler for my breathing (cold, hot and windy weather makes it really bad)

I am reliant on my car even more now for getting out, can't do buses or walk that far without getting out of breath. My housing support worker decided earlier in the year to put in an appeal for my PIP, which is coming up now later this week.

I recently had my medical for ESA, still waiting to he…